A sugar lover’s journey

A sugar addict lover’s journey

During my art history studies, I discovered the extraordinary character that was André Malraux and I was seduced by his concept of Musée imaginaire. A museum where one could find everything one loves, where everything would be possible; The David of Michelangelo would be next to the Venus Milo and Hercules Farnese reinterpreted by Jeff Koons. In the next room, Mona Lisa would stand face to face with the statue of Nefertiti. I’m seduced precisely by this imaginary dimension, eccentric, totally unrealistic that nourishes our most beautiful dreams.

André Malraux and his Musée imaginaire

I will digress a little bit from artworks and introduce you to my imaginary museum … of tastes.

Let’s talk about a very special member in the family of dishes: Dessert!

I am a dessert lover in all its forms and if I could eat only that, without endangering my health, be sure I would. Sometimes I even shape imaginary journeys around my favorite cakes. That’s not a shame, is it? Just look at Marie-Antoinette in Sofia Coppola’s vision and you’ll understand: it’s all about cakes!  Therefore, I invite you to wander with me in a very sweet and light journey, in my imaginary museum of cakes and chocolates.


The Chocolate Gallery

– The Madagascar Chocolate mousse from Chapon in Paris… irresistible!

– The Gold Chocolate Bar from Patchi. Makes me feel nostalgic because I discovered it in
merrier times… More than 10 years ago in the beautiful Patchi shop from Homs, Syria, which belonged to an extraordinary woman, Joujou, my best friend’s aunt.

– The Gianduia 1865 of Caffarel, to enjoy in the most charming and tacky bistros of Milan!

Amandina that reminds me of the pastry shops in the 1990’ies in Bucharest and their particular smell of rum flavor – You can still find the smell today at Capșa’s.

– The Hot chocolate at Les Deux Magots, perfect when shared with friends… and secrets.


The Fruit Gallery

– Sweet Cherries in June, in Romania, to grab directly from the trees.

– The Apples of Maramures in late October, fresh, crisp and perfect.

– The Rose petals jam from Damascus, souvenir from my childhood.

– Sweet and fresh Watermelon, supreme joy in August.

Lemons from beautiful Corsica, picked up by my lover in March.


The gallery of creams

– My mother’s vanilla cream cake. Perfect.

– The Equinox by Cyril Lignac as light as a ballerina!

– Fresh cream with warm scones, ideally at the Wallace Collection’s restaurant.

Savarina and its gracious chantilly cream, a typical cake in Bucharest. It used to be my favorite dessert many years ago, at the pastry shop of the Hotel București.

– The Ladurée rose and raspberry cream Religieuse.


This list is far from being complete, it lacks the ice creams, croissants, baklava and so many other loves of my life but I will stop it here, before making a diabetes crisis. I hope you enjoyed my imaginary journey!

Sweet Kisses


One thought on “A sugar lover’s journey

  1. Super bien, j adore…
    Un petit reproche,c edt que tu passes trop vite d’ un lieu a un autre sans l ‘expliquer vraiment….
    Tu as de la chance de vivre ds 2 pays differents, essaie de voir Paris vue d une etrangere… Les tips,l etiquette,etre Parisienne c est quoi??

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